What is the best way to prepare for the SAP Certification Exam in 20 days?

Firstly, best of luck for your exam. So now you have already purchased a legal SAP book and wants to know further requirement. I am a SAP certified, so from my past experiences, below I am providing you some of the essential steps you need to opt for qualifying SAP certification exam SAP Certification exam in a best and most easiest way.

Tip 1: Study, study, study. The very best preparation is to take the relevant SAP course(s) (as can be found on the SAP Certification website) and add to that (at least) a good few months of experience. The course notes are very useful, so if you did not take the course then try to borrow them from someone who has.

Tip 2: Gather as much information as you can about the exam itself from the SAP Training website (see above). Namely:

  • the topics covered and the weight given to each
  • the sample questions
  • the pass mark (“Cut Score”)
  • the number of questions and the time allowed

From this information you can build a section-by-section breakdown of the questions. For example, you can estimate that there will be 8 questions on Data Dictionary, but only 2 on Data Modeller.

Tip 3: Perform genuine practice exams with www.erppreparation.com. Questions are prepared by team of SAP experts and professionals from various industries. Also, they collect feedback from certified candidates in recent past to improve the quality of their question bank. Now you can imagine the perfection. I did lots of practice for all of my SAP certification. That actually helped me lot.

But, do not waste money on dumps but website that claim to provide you with exam questions. The questions are useless as SAP do not publish their questions on any site – often out of date and sometimes downright misleading. Respect yourself: as a SAP consultant, do you really need to stoop to this level to pass the exam?.

Tip 4: Know what to expect at the exam center. Exams can be held at third-party sites where the person sitting next to you could be doing a Microsoft exam. Some of these sites are open on the weekend, check for that. You may be required to hand over everything in your possession for safeguarding in a locker. You will be provided with a pen and paper (or other writing material) but you have to leave the paper behind. Assume you will be under constant observation, so no funny business. Try not to drink beforehand so that you don’t have to waste time with a (fully supervised!) bathroom break. Don’t bother asking the supervisor any SAP questions – they don’t know anything, and wouldn’t tell you if they did.

Tip 5: Use ALL of the allotted time. The standard SAP exam seems to be 80 questions in 180 minutes. That is more than enough time, but you should still avoid the temptation to leave early. Check, double check, triple check and then check your answers again. A countdown is displayed on the screen so you will know when it’s time to go.

Tip 6: Read each question twice very carefully BEFORE you look at the options. I often find I miss a small detail (like the word “not”) on the first reading. Try to think what the answer is before looking at the options. Also take into consideration that many questions are translated from German, so they might sound a bit odd. For example I’ve seen cases where the Teutonic word ‘book’ was used instead of the word ‘save’ )

Tip 7: Check carefully: Does the question require one or more than one answer? This can be seen in the text but also by the use of radio buttons versus checkboxes. The exam application will alert you to questions for which you have placed 0 answers but it WILL NOT alert you if you have answered too few or too many. Pay special attention to this when going through the questions a second time.

If a question requires two answers but you only give one (even if it’s correct), then you get zero points.

Tip 8: The exam tool allows you to ‘bookmark’ questions. Use this feature to mark any question that you’re not 100% sure of. When you come back to it you may not even remember that you had spotted a problem. However, do not concentrate solely on the bookmarked questions; make sure you check ALL questions again. My approach is to only check the bookmarks on the second reading, and then check all of the questions again on the third pass.

Tip 9: The exam tool, surprisingly, does not tell you how far into the exam you are (e.g. question 57 of 80). It only keeps count of how far along you are in the current section. Use your writing implements to note down how many questions there are in each section so that you always know exactly where you are – handy for that nervous last read-through just before the final countdown.

Tip 10: Don’t waste precious exam time trying to memorize some of the questions to share with friends and colleagues later. You are there to maximize your own score, not somebody else’s! Handing out free questions to others also devalues the certification you just paid big bucks for.

When the exam is over you will receive the result immediately, often from a printer, with a breakdown of how you did in each section. Congratulations! If you have read this far then you will most likely pass. This is good news as you have just increased your market value; there’s also a persistent rumour that SAP Inc only hires SAP-certified contractors as consultants. You can try contacting SAP for a shiny new “SAP certified” logo for the next incarnation of your CV.

1) Do the Exercise provided in your material: Do promptly your exercises which are in your study materials.

2) Don’t memorize T-Codes: There are numerous T-Codes in SAP which is not possible for anyone to memorize. SAP rarely asks question in T-Codes.

3) Try to correlate your knowledge with live scenarios: Now, SAP is asking many questions based on the live scenarios.

4) Don’t leave any chapters from your book: You need to study well all the chapters from your book.

5) Understand the concepts, not the Menu Path(s): SAP asks question to test your knowledge on the concepts. They never test your memory skill about the menu paths and T-Codes.

6) Stay focused during your course: You may do the certification course through Online training module or Instructor led Training module.

8) Answer the questions which you know very well: You have 3 hours for the exam. It is more than sufficient. It hardly will take just 2 hours to complete the exam. So, you can leave the questions which you don’t know or you have doubts.

9) Prepare from question and answer sites:  Before exam make sure you have done exam MCQ type questions practice like trusted site like www.erppreparation.com

They have updated Questions of latest exams.

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