Top 10 Highest Paid SAP Companies in India

There are several reasons why only a handful of companies are rated among the top 10 or top 20. These reasons could be related to financial, work culture or even related to the learning opportunities being offered by organizations. Off late the companies are laying a lot of emphasis on the overall culture being maintained in an organization. Right from offering a flexible work schedule to a super cool atmosphere and engaging employees in innovative projects all work places now target on being rated among the top few places to work in. While the big giants in the work places are resorting to the above mentioned practices the smaller companies are no less and are rapidly gearing up on how to attract the new generationwhich is brimming of talent and look for more attractive offers such as more growth opportunities, a more diversified form of learning and not too miss the eye-catching perks.Recently we have made a survey information based on narrates the top 10 companies in India and what do their employees consider while rating their respective work places. It is interesting to know that factors like communication and employee engagement, work schedule flexibility in an organization played a significant role in deciding the rank of a company.As per the survey conducted there are 21 companies in India where SAP (Systems, Applications, Products in Data Processing.) is being used as an application and these are paying well too.The top 10 out of these are :1.TCS.
2.IBM India
3.Accenture India
4.HCL Technologies Ltd.
5.NIIT Limited
8.Hewlett-Packard(HP)- India
9.L&T Infotech
10.NIIT Limited
12.Mindtree Consulting
13.Intelligroup Asia Pvt. Ltd.

Let us analyze the top 10 companies and the reasons why these counted amongst the top 10, in the field of SAP in India.

Tata Consultancy Services TCS

More commonly known as TCS. The company is known as the leading global provider of IT, Outsourcing services, and consulting. The operations are spread to more then 40 countries. The company focuses on IT and strategic consulting, data center management, systems integration and new product development. The starting annual salary for SAP professional at the level of an annualSAP ABAP Consultant varies between 4-5 lakhs annually and the highest salary is paid to BI Architect and varies between 11.0 lakhs and 12.0 lakhs annually.There are various levels in between and all are paid as per the standard industry rules.Rating: 3.3Average Annual Salaries

PostSalary (Lakhs)
SAP Consultant7-8
SAP Basis Consultant4-5
SAP ABAP Consultant5-6
SAP MM Consultant4-5
SAP CRM11-12
SAP Basis4-5
Business Analyst6-7
Project Manager10-11

The company is well known for their employee friendly culture and job guarantee.

IBM India

IBM India is known as the Indian subsidiary of IBM. The company is presently headed by Vanitha Narayanan, also known as the country Manger. The company operates out of many major cities in India and is known to have the highest number of employees In India. The annual salary for a SAP professional varies between 3.0 lakhs and the starting level is that of a SAP BI Consultantand the highest level is that of a Project Manager which varies between 11.0- 12.0 lakhs annually.The company offers very flexible policies, right from accommodating various life situations. The employee culture is very friendly and the company uses the normal distribution rating system.Rating: 3.0Average Annual Salaries

PostSalary (Lakhs)
SAP Consultant6-7
Senior SAP Consultant10-11
SAP ABAP Technical Consultant4-5
SAP BI Consultant3-4
SAP Basis Consultant4-5
Project Manager11-12
Business Analyst6-7
Program Manager18-19

Accenture India

This is a global management company and specializes in providing consulting, technology services and outsourcing services. Rated amongst the top 10 companies in India Accenture India pays the highest annual salary to Project managers, varying between 18.0- 19.0 lakhs annually.The company is well known for a challenging and a well diversified environment, along with a good prospect of growth. People enjoy working with the organization and consider this as a place where they can develop their skills.Rating: 3.6Average Annual Salaries

PostSalary (Lakhs)
Business Analyst7-8
Project Manager18-19
SAP Consultant10-11
Senior Business Analyst7-8
SAP Basis Consultant4-5
Senior SAP Consultant14-15
SAP ABAP Consultant4-5

HCL Technologies

The IT company known has tuned out to be the company in the 21st century in the world to cross$1bn in Net Profit, $5bn in Revenue and $15bn in Market Capitalization amongst all the technology based companies. The company is known for creating an atmosphere of work life balance which is quite a challenge in most of the companies today. The environment is very positive and the employees look forward to going to work.Rating: 3.2Average Annual Salaries

PostSalary (Lakhs)
Project Manager11-12
Business Analyst6-7
SAP Consultant5-6
Program Manager16-17
SAP Basis Consultant4-5
SAP Basis6-7

NIIT Limited

The Company was originally established in the year 1981. This is known to be a global leader in talent and skills development, and offers a variety of solutions for training and delivery to various institutions and individuals. The company boasts of very effective HR policies, a great work culture and offers a vast array of learning opportunities.Rating: 3.3Average Annual Salaries

PostSalary (Lakhs)
Project Manager10-11

Hewlett-Packard(HP)- India

The IT company is well known for their innovative laptops, drivers and various other hardware and software products. The company offers a flexible work life balance and provides work from home culture which gives full flexibility to their employees.Rating: 3.3Average Annual Salaries

PostSalary (Lakhs)
Business Analyst7-8
Project Manager14-15
Program Manager15-16
Business Analyst II7-8
Business Analyst3-4

ITC Infotech

A subsidiary of the well known brand ITC. The global company majors in providing IT services. The company has been rated as is rated amongst the ‘World’s Most Reputable Companies’ by the prestigious Forbes magazine and also amongst ‘India’s Most Valuable Companies’ by Business Today. Like all top notch companies in India, the company offers a flexible work schedule, along with free soft drinks to their employees. The benefits are quite lucrative and the environment is also very pleasant.Rating: 2.9Average Annual Salaries

PostSalary (Lakhs)

Project Manager


This is a very prominent company specializing in global information technology, outsourcing and consulting. There are more than 156,866 employees and the operations are spread across 175 citiesacross 6 continents. The company starts offering an annual package varying between 4.0- 5.0 lakhsat the level of a SAP Basis Consultant and the package go as high as 11lakhs plus at the level of aProject manager in SAP. The employees consider this as a good place to grow and one that offers a lot of flexibility at work.Rating: 3.1Average Annual Salaries

PostSalary (Lakhs)
Business Analyst7-8
Senior Business Analyst9-10
SAP Consultant4-5
SAP ABAP Consultant4-5
SAP Basis Consultant4-5
Project Manager11-12


This brand offers a wide variety of services ranging from auditing, consulting, technology, financial advisory, risk management, and tax related services to all their clients. Deloitte pays by far the maximum to a business Analyst and the annual package starts from 5.0 lakhs and the highest salary offered is to a manager who earns between 18.0 – 19.0 lakhs annually. The most preferred factor in Deloitte is the flexible work culture. Employees are encouraged to travel round the globe for meeting clients and create a rapport. Lot of challenging situations come up which offer a new learning.Rating: 3.6Average Annual Salaries

PostSalary (Lakhs)
Business Analyst5-6
SAP Consultant8-9
Business Analyst I6-7
Senior Business Analyst10-11
SAP FICO Consultant7-8
project manager10-11

L & T

Larsen and Turbo is known as one of India’s largest multinational company. The company offers a broad spectrum of services ranging from engineering, technology, manufacturing, construction as well as financial services. A SAP CRM Consultantcan earn anywhere between 4.0-5.0 lakhs and the highest package offered to is to the Project manager who earns anywhere between 13.0- 14.0 lakhsannually. The company offers a diverse range of learning opportunities especially for the new lot as they get to learn new skills. The pay package is also quite lucrative.Rating: 3.1

Average Annual Salaries

PostSalary (Lakhs)
Project Manager13-14
Business Analyst5-6
SAP Consultant8-9
Senior Business Analyst6-7
SAP CRM Consultant4-5
SAP Basis Consultant5-6


The Company is ISO-9001 certified and incorporates quality frameworks which results in CGI’s on-time, on-budget delivery track record. There are more than 68,000 professionals located in 40 countries and spread across Asia, Americas and Europe. The company provides end-to-end IT and business process services. The employees are quite satisfied working in CGI and enjoy the work culture, as well as the challenging piece of work.Rating: 3.0

Average Annual Salaries

PostSalary (Lakhs)
Senior Business Analyst9-10
Project Manager8-9

Mindtree Consulting

is a well known consulting firm specializing in global information technology and provides solutions in corporate IT services and solutions. The company offers a great work culture especially for the fresher’s entering the corporate world. The work environment is nice and pleasant.

Intelligroup Asia Pvt. Ltd.

The Company was originally founded in the year 1987 by Mr. Ashok Pandey. Presently there are more than 2500+ professionals and the operations are now widely spread all across the world in Asia Pacific, Middle East, Americas, Europe and Japan also. The company offers a good learning environment and the employees are quite satisfied with the HR policies and the overall development of the employees.Besides the ones listed above there are a couple of more companies too listed below, which also offer good job prospects and a good pay package.Siemens Information systems Limited, Mahindra-Satyam, Wipro Infotech, CSC India, Capgemini India, Deloitte, Fujistu, KPIT, Coconut Software and SAPLABS India.Top 21 SAP Companies in India are as follow:1. TCS
2. IBM India
3. Accenture India
4. HCL Technologies Ltd.
5. NIIT Limited
6. CGI
7. Hewlett-Packard(HP)- India
8. ITC Infotech
9. Mindtree Consulting
10. Intelligroup Asia Pvt. Ltd.
11. L&T Infotech
12. Siemens Information systems Limited
13. Mahindra-Satyam
14. Wipro Infotech
15. CSC India
16. Capgemini India
17. Deloitte
18. Fujistu
19. KPIT
20. Coconut Software
21. SAPLABS India

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