SAP Skills In Demand

SAP is the market-leading enterprise resource planning suite, with a worldwide customer base that dwarfs those of competitors such as Oracle, Peoplesoft, Baan and JD Edwards.

SAP certification has greatly expanded the coverage it offers from the classic core modules (manufacturing, logistics, financial and human resources) to include customer relationship management, business intelligence, and other applications which were formerly the domain of best of breed suppliers such as Siebel.

The different modules that make up SAP are fully integrated, so once an order has been entered, the details flow through the manufacturing, delivery, billing, maintenance and aftercare processes.

How difficult is it to master?

First, you must choose a module then decide which of the specialist areas within that module you will focus on. Up to six weeks’ training will be needed at a cost of about £1,600 a week to become certified. Trainees should have enough industry experience to apply what they learn to the real world.

Where is it used?

SAP now claims to have been deployed in more than 19,000 user organizations around the world. R/3 spread from its roots in manufacturing long ago: the customers who have bought the latest version, SAP R/3 Enterprise, include MGM and Sony UK.

What makes it Grand?

The number of job advertisements seeking SAP skills rose by 53% last year, according to the SSP/Computer Weekly survey. The rise is partly due to the release of SAP R/3 Enterprise. In the first 60 days, SAP claims to have delivered it to more than 1,500 companies.

Increasing demand for the SAP Professionals

Although there are many SAP training programs available in the market but the lack of trained, experienced and qualified SAP Professionals have increased the demand for these professionals. Due to this reason, the employers are keen to employ qualified SAP Professionals at the best available pay packages.

The challenging task

The task of the SAP consultant is quite challenging as this the core of any organization. A small error can result in billions of wastage. This is why the career of the SAP consultant is truly rewarding.

SAP Implementation in high budget companies

SAP implementation is usually done in the high budget companies or the large scale companies rather than the smaller companies. The large scale companies have the capacity of paying their employees with a better pay package than the small scale companies. This is also a reason because of which the SAP consultants get such a handsome pay package compared to the other IT fields.

Education level of the employee

A recent study said that the education level or qualification does play an important role in the employee’s salary hike or increment.

Pay a little more to hire the right candidate

The software companies follow this simple rule that pays a little more to hire the right candidate. This helps in securing the future of the company as well as ensures that the company delivers a stronger return on investment within the least possible time limit.

End user applications using SAP

Today more and more end user applications are using SAP as it is faster, reliable and updated software. Thus, there is a constant demand of the qualified SAP consultant which in turn makes this a highest paid job.

As per the salary structure, it has been found that an average salary of $84,614 per annum is earned by an SAP consultant in the USA. However, the salary depends on the candidate’s experience, qualification as well as the skill. Thus, either a full timer or an employee who is working in a contractual position in the field of SAP can also enjoy the advantage of getting higher payment than any other IT professional.

Reference: Seema Iyer from Linkedin

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