How to Optimize SAP Management of Change?

Business managers are often frustrated by the lack of agility of their SAP applications. SAP support managers should optimize their application change management processes to adapt their live SAP business processes faster, without compromising system integrity.

With change management, a lot of people think that it’s this real touchy feel that may or may not add value. Neglecting the change management piece of an SAP implementation is a mistake, SAP consultants say. Better use of change management strategies can help companies avoid failure.

When companies begin an implementation, the first thing they need to do is build a change management plan that identifies how business processes are going to change with the new SAP system, and who is going to be affected, SAP consultant. That’s something a lot of companies want to skip.

Many companies want to get straight to Well, we don’t care about the way we do things now. We just want to focus on SAP and their best practices. Let’s just do the user training and we’ll be fine,'” SAP Consultant.

Many companies also wait until the SAP training phase to let users know about the new system, which only creates confusion and panic.

“Change management starts well before end-user training,”. “By the time you get to end-user training, there shouldn’t be any real surprises. You shouldn’t be springing process changes or big organizational changes on people during training.”

Merits of the SAP Change Management Program:

The 3 days session brings you through the Planning, Managing and Reinforcing Change phases to enable you to assess organizational readiness for the change, identify the impacted groups with the change and build strategy to handle the change. It also helps you in building your professional reputation as a Change Management expert, endorsing your experience with an industry recognized qualification. By attending the course, you also earn credits for other related disciplines such as from Project Management Institute for PMP Certification.

Key Factor:

One of the key success factors of the change program was the creation of a Change Management Advisory Board. Suggestions from the advisory board resulted in messages being tailored for two change networks: ‘internal’ audiences and ‘external’ groups comprising field service representatives who worked closely with the geographically dispersed dealerships.

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