5 Points to Build a Successful Career as SAP Consultant or Developer

IT professionals with SAP experience are in demand in every part of the Globe. Do you have what it takes to work in SAP? As is the case with any significant endeavor, a career in SAP needs planning and hard work. SAP expertise does not happen overnight; it lacks the skills and knowledge to understand the scope, challenges, and expectations of Systems Applications and Products (SAP).

A globally recognized business platform, SAP is used in various fields including Production Planning (PP), Financial Accounting and Controlling (FICO), and Materials Management (MM). Diversification and expertise are significant, SAP developers and consultants specialize in one module but must have an understanding of the other SAP modules as well. Successful SAP consultants and developers need to stay updated and aware of what is happening in all SAP modules.

Developing a successful SAP developer or consultant career is a multi-step process. It takes more than having some SAP knowledge to become a consultant; it takes time and determination. Success in the SAP field demands a good education, understanding of business processes and configuration skills, networking, shared knowledge, and excellent communication skills.

1) Education

Education is the foundation for success. But SAP awareness alone does not make for a successful SAP career. To become successful requires a relevant academic background in computer science, information systems, operations management, systems engineering, accounting, business analysis, business administration, finance, and human resources to build a sound understanding of business processes.

SAP certification, especially Expert Certification demands a keen understanding of SAP platforms. It can take years of experience to achieve SAP expertise. For this reason, businesses in Australia, USA, United Kingdom, Germany, as well as other nations worldwide, are always on the look-out for SAP certified professionals. Developers and Consultants command higher salaries than those without certification. Wages depend on factors such as education level, employer type, experience, and industry.

Education does not stop when certification is attained. SAP knowledge is a continuing process to stay up-to-date on SAP programs and applications.

2) Configuration Skills and Business Process Knowledge

Business processes are dynamic they can vary from industry to industry and company to company. A successful SAP developer or consultant must understand the business flow process and what triggers activity in their field. Configuration understanding and skills its impact on the end user is one of the most critical skills an SAP consultant can possess.

Employing and understanding SAP Best Business Practices is a key to the success of SAP projects.

3) Networking

Corporate success requires a secure network within the industry. Having a secure system helps a consultant connect with other SAP experts, enhancing their knowledge and keeping them up-to-date in their industry. One of the best ways to keep combined with other SAP experts is through discussion forums and social networking sites.

4) Shared Knowledge

The adage “knowledge is power” has been changed in the twenty-first century to “power is shared knowledge.” Knowledge that is shared across silos empowers people to make decisions that are accurate and timely and proactive instead of reactive. To be successful, you must stay relevant and be willing to continually adapt. Sharing your knowledge helps make this happen.

5) Communication Skills

Do not underestimate the value of communication skills. 90% of career success is dependent on the effectiveness of communications skills. Communication has many facets, public speaking, listening, and writing.

Everyone needs to have great communication skills. These communication skills include the ability to communicate to others in a way that they understand and the ability to listen. Public speaking skill is one of the most critical skills that we can develop. It is the ability to speak clearly, confidently and compellingly in front of an audience.

Listening is another essential communication skill. To learn the expectations of others, it is necessary to listen not only to the person’s words but also what they are saying this leads to higher productivity and improved sharing of knowledge that in turn can lead to more creative and innovative work.

Excellent writing skills help to interface ideas with precision. In a work environment, it is crucial to be able to clearly understand and concisely communicate with superiors, colleagues, and clients. Often there is only one chance to articulate a vision or plan to a client, having the ability clearly and effectively communicate can make or break a deal.


An SAP is currently the emblem in organizations in the USA and globally. 70% of Forbes 500 businesses run on SAP ERP. SAP consultants are employed by the private firms and Federal government they are needed in consultancies, ERP systems, CRM solutions, distribution, logistics, manufacturing, production, and other industries. Demand for SAP professionals is growing, and opportunities are endless. SAP consultants and developers, the recognized experts in the platform, are valuable assets in any organization.

Building a successful SAP consulting or developer career takes time and commitment, drive and determination, and a willingness to pursue continuing education.

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