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SAP is the most sought after certification in the Information Technology (IT) world. In every nook and corner of the world, it has created great buzz among the IT experts. SAP is probably one of the most criticized certifications, but at the same, it is one of the biggest dreams for number of individuals. Many individuals have criticized in various ways by writing articles, blogs and even books. But, nobody can rule out the buzz that it has created in this fast moving IT world. We will Helpyou to find Best SAP Training in India.

SAP Training is one of the most successful IT training in the recent past. Either directly or indirectly, it has given employment to millions of people across the globe. Though, there are many contenders for the top certification position from Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle and Sun, but still people go so mad for this SAP Certification. SAP Certification is undoubtedly the best product based IT certification in nowadays. If you see the number of people enrolling for SAP Certification across the globe is a benchmark for other certifications.

How can a student benefit from knowledge of SAP?

SAP course provides 160 certifications to students and working professionals like SAP administrators, technology consultants and developers all can progress their careers with it.

Students can get advantages of a  global career through SAP by getting enrolled in a SAP course online. A SAP training courses cover all the modules of SAP in detail involving all the e-business applications that are a part of SAP like material management, sales and distribution and financial accounting and controlling (FICO). It involves imparting knowledge of ABAP also which is a program editor in SAP. These courses help a student in preparing for SAP certification exams and clearing them.

This course is popular, which ensures that professionals can get more rewarding jobs in jobs in any part of the world. Any professional who wants to get SAP certification, should have an educational background in computer science, accounting or business administration.

How does SAP training help? Who can pursue this?

This training develops skills, abilities and experience in the practical management and utilization of technology. It is for everyone – from everyday users to senior management.

The certification can be of two types: a functional or a technical kind. The technical one allows a student to learn more about SAP programming and customization of its modules. Technical courses are only recommended for graduates/post-graduates once they have a technical background.

The category of jobs that a SAP professional can aim at is:

  1. SAP manager
  2. SAP managing consultant
  3. SAP application developer
  4. SAP consultant
  5. ABAP developer

The SAP certification exams have 4 levels, associate, delta, specialist and professional. The associate level exams do not check a student’s knowledge of the SAP product; rather they only check his knowledge of the training material. The professional level exams are quite different which test a person’s professional experience in using SAP.

SAP Education can help you/your organization reap significant benefits, including:

1). Faster, more cost-effective initial implementations.

2). Getting a SAP certification is also a way to get the top position in your organization at an unprecedented rate. There are higher chances of promotion. Even companies in remote areas are looking to hire SAP consultants. It’s true that in the recession-hit market of today, a SAP certification allows one to earn an incredible amount of income. SAP certification is the key to a skyrocketing career today.

3). SAP professionals enjoy a lot of reputation among their peers also because they hold one of the most prestigious financial degrees. It takes years for a professional to get the requisite knowledge as a SAP professional, so it’s important that they seek a certification which makes them more trustworthy in the eyes of companies.

4). They can be employed in both business and private organizations. They are required in all kinds of departments from manufacturing, production, distribution, logistics and customer relationship management.

5). SAP certified professionals have become inevitable resources for companies. They are paid much higher than SAP professionals without certifications. The payscales for SAP professionals who hold 4 years experience are actually earning between 57,200 and 79,100 dollars annually

6). Faster adaptation to new releases and changes in business practices. The curriculum combines academic, business and technical skills to broaden students’ understanding in the theory and application of information technology in business.

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What is SAP certification?

SAP certification is an exam conducted by SAP. Its Global Certification, SAP is leaders in enterprise application software. These comprise various modules covering almost every aspect of business management.

Is Certification validity associated with a SAP certification?

There is no such validity with SAP Global certification and training. However, the fact that technology keeps changing you must also go with the latest SAP certification courses to adapt to the changing needs and skill sets of today.

Should I join for classroom training or virtual training?

Making a choice between classroom training and virtual training would depend a lot on one to one situation. the traditional format of classroom training will give you the benefit of learning from an instructor in-person and get your queries resolved instantly. While virtual training will help you learn at your own pace.

What are the different SAP modules?

Some of the popular SAP modules include
Advance Business Application programing (ABAP)
SAP Financial Accounting (FI)
SAP Sales and Distribution (SD)
SAP Materials Management (MM)
SAP Production and Planning (PP)
SAP Quality Management (QM)
SAP Human Capital Management (HCM)

After Complete a SAP Training, will I get a good job?

Yes, People who have completed their SAP Global certification successfully often find themselves in a good position while negotiating higher salaries from prospective employers because of the growing demand for this skill in the industry

Eligibility for SAP course & Scope?

12+4 Year formal education is required. Speak to your above training center coordinator to find out about the conditions that should be met. The scope of this course is good especially when you try it with HANA which is an in-memory data platform deployed as an on-premise or cloud application.

Which SAP module is in demand and has a huge scope?

All the SAP modules are in a good demand across diverse industries and have a good scope for advancing one’s career. However, a lot would also depend on whether individual want to pursue the technical side or the functional side. SAP Financial Accounting (FI), SAP Controlling (CO), and SAP Materials Management (MM) are always on demand on the functional side. On the technical side, e.g. if you have sales & marketing experience you can consider opting for SAP Sales and Distribution (SD). And now new are HANA & Success factor

Which SAP course will be suitable for mechanical engineer?

A Mechanical Engineer can benefit from the SAP MM & PP module. Material Management (MM) is an approach of planning, organizing, and controlling the various aspects of the process to ensure there is either no shortage or any gaps in the supply chain process. The other logical courses of interest for a mechanical engineer include the SAP PP (Production Planning) and SAP PM (Plant Maintenance) modules.

Is SAP a good choice for a B.Tech/BE/MCA IT/CS fresher?

any IT fresher can add to their skill sets by pursuing SAP. The most appropriate module for them will be the SAP ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) which is also supported by NetWeaver, SAP’s current development platform. candidates also make their career in Fiori as well.

Can I do SAP certification without training?

Yes, experience candidate can earn a SAP certification without training. This is possible only when the candidate fulfils the below criteria:
1. Min. 01 year of experience in SAP implementation with min. 06 months of experience in the module that a candidate wishes to opt for
2. The last one year of service should be with the present employer only
3. The present employer must be a customer or partner of SAP and company have no objection for SAP Certification.

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